Monday, 11 August 2008

Totally Illustrator

All last week at work I had nothing to do, while everybody else was running around like headless chickens stressing out how to fix all the bugs in the game. It's all finished now and it's a brand new start to another week. But this is what I got up to that week. The 1st piece is called "The Lotus Pond" - now originally I created this drawing when I was in my last year at Uni for a storyline for a film I had, but the tutors of the time weren't convinced of the storyline. so I've dug it out after 5 years and decided to illustrate it. Image is 100% created in CS3 Illustrator, no Photoshop whatsoever. Took me in total about a day and a half to complete it. (tho technically in my mind, I can still do more to the backgound vines).

The second piece I'm adding today I created out of a whim, something to pass the time by. After searching through the net, I was inspired to create a Dandelion. So This piece is called "Fragile" as Dandelion's when they're seeding are very dainty and fragile. Hope you like.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


A couple of weeks ago I was surfing the net, as I had nothing much to do at work, a bit like today, and was looking at forms of Tiki Art, styles like Shag art and Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room Concept Art. So I fancied trying to create my own version. Here's what happened.