Friday, 5 July 2013

Paper Art

Lately I've looking into the craft of PaperCutting, some of the artist's I've discovered are Amazing with what they create & achieve. So I brought some books to get some ideas & thought I'd have a go. This is my 1st piece that hasn't broken or fallen apart on me. :)

Friday, 19 April 2013


Some Oldies I did last year and a couple of years ago. again using Watercolour, Pencil & Ink.

"Mad Love" (was originally a digital vector piece I did ages ago, and thought what it would look like painted).

Some more Bunny Art...I love cute n fuzzy Bunnies.

and last but not least for today's submittion of artwork a Robot.


Well here's my first batch of creations I've done in Watercolour. It's been a while since I've painted anything, so some aren't too great, well as other's I think are quite cute! ^-^

Allium Puffs, Purple Tree's a Brown Bunny. Hopefully more to come very soon. I'm trying to get a painting out every evening when I've got some spare time. See how many I can do. :) I'm also going to post on here in the next few weeks some illustrations as well as new.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Artist Open Studio Art Trail

Hey peeps (been a while...)

Have started dabbling back into painting lately, just trying to find a style that I'm happy with. :)

The other week I was asked if I wanted to join an Artist's Open Studio next year in my local Village and I would love to, but I kind of need to get some work together for it if it's a yes. Plus I also need to see if my old work colleague would be interested in pairing up with me, as you can do that instead of hosting one on your own. So all I got to do now is figure out a venue, ask my friend if he's interested & produce some art for it. Good thing if I do say yes I've got a year to come up with the goods & it promotes myself as an Artist. :)