Thursday, 22 May 2008


Okay I'll try again, and hopefully if this should not work I'm going to through a quite hissy fit! lol! Just Kidding! I'm not like that!

Today I'm going to submit to fanart vector pieces I've created quite recently. Due to the heavy work load and the final deadline to finish the DS & Wii game I'm working on, my spare time is quite tight. So these should buy my time a little bit til I can submit some more!

The 1st one is one of those lovable Human Fat Blobs "The adipose", seen from the new series in Doctor Who. I couldn't resist in taking the plunge and creating something to do with them. I hope they make official plushies of them soon. Coz I'll defintley buy one, they're just way to cute! apparently the BBC took somebody to court due to the fact they madde they're own version and stuck them online so people could buy them. Check out this link to read more about the story. But this is my version of the little critters.

The 2nd piece of Fanart I'm submitting is taken from my fav artist's work Michel Gagne. You can see his link to his website at the bottom of this blog. I must of been a fan of his for at least 8 years already. Now the bunny his designed by his own hand, I've just simply coloured in and exaggerated a wee bit. I was bored one night before going home in the studio, and fed up of staring at some work I had been working all day long on. I just needed something else to distract myself from for a bit, and this is was I conjucted up, hope you like.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Rainbows and all that

Lately most of my artwork as contained a Rainbow theme, it's probably due to the warm climates over the last couple of weks. About time too, I thought it would never stop being cold and windy! Here's a Vector piece I created about a week ago. No Characters involved just the elements. Makes me feel all happy inside! awww!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mad Love

Have changed the original post here, due to making a tit of myself, and submitting something that looked well rather suspiciously like Coloured Penises. Enough said I'm changing the picture to my Avatar image from my DevArt page.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Lets Star The Ball Rolling...

Okay to start of this blog, I'm going to add 2 Vector Illustrations. I love to create Vectors, I never know what I'll end up creating. It's never what I planned to do in the beginning, I guess that's what makes it fun.